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our story

Over many mugs swirling coffee with cream, and heart to heart meet ups drizzling honey in tea cups, two friends sighed to each other:

“We should have our own coffee shop...”


With a shared history for the love of coffee, tea, the stories they tell and the bonds they can create, ilé began brewing. Between local coffee dates and vacation discoveries, we knew we wanted to share something that combined the thrill of tasting a new tea from the markets of Marrakech and the warmth of a morning blend in your kitchen. Something novel and distinctive that still feels like home.


"ilé? What does that mean?"

 - The simplest answer : home. The word ilé came to us from the Nigerian Yoruba language.

To us, ilé includes the concepts and sentiments of home, brought in from the people and places that have positively impacted us most. Our hope is that those affects can come back to the home nest, enjoyed daily, in the most simple pleasures, like coffee and tea.


Whomever you are, wherever you’ve been or would like to go, we invite you home, ilé. 

Jena and Aja would love for you to come, and sip some with us. 

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