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ILÉ Unwind

ILÉ Unwind


With a tea base on Chamomile Flowers you are sure to unwind.


This dreamy tisane blends five calming herbals into one soothing tea. Catnip and Chamomile Flowers will lure you into a mellow relaxed mood, while the bright flavors of Peppermint, Lemon Balm and Lemongrass dance around your palate. This tea is an unforgettable and effective treat that will have you dreaming of your next cup. Enjoy this tea hot, but drinker beware - you may hit the pillow before finishing your cup!

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  • Product Info

    Loose leaf tea

    Our teas can be brewed however you enjoy most, steep for a minimum of 5 minutes.

    Serve hot or over ice with your desired add-ins, or alone for optimum taste.

    Store resealed in original packaging and out of direct sunlight.

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    Standard USPS shipping. Orders can be expected in 3-9 business days.

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